Tang Hui,Li Yousong,Ma Qiusha: Constructing FormCONSTRUCTING FORM

2011. 02. 27-03. 20

Beijing commune is pleased to announce the group exhibition of Tang Hui, Li Yousong and Ma Qiusha-“Constructing Form” on 27th, Feb 2011. It will last until 20th, March, 2011. This will be our first exhibition in 2011, presenting more than 10 pieces of the three artists’ recent works.

"Constructing Form" seems like a revival movement of the old forms, but is actually a short break of the artists when facing up to the new challenges. They dig up the past memories and convert them into a drill of "form". Art regenerates itself during such repeated drills. There’re differences between them too. Both Li Yousong and Tang Hui construct the illusory structures and scenes, and these images are salute to grand narrative. However, for Ma Qiusha, her depiction of the buildings in the real surroundings may serve as an emotion outlet.

Li Yousong transfers his understanding into a strong sense of form which resembles that of the Baroque Art in his paintings. The scenes in Li’s paintings are full of a vigorous, convoluting, and dynamic passion. Perhaps we can call the scenes in Li’s paintings “Baroque socialism”. The spiritual core of 1960s and 1970s but the pure form of that particular period stays. Li Yousong was born in 1968 and graduated from Central Academy of Fine arts. He had his first solo exhibition at Beijing Commune in 2008.

Tang Hui began working on "Square" series since 2009, in which the "ideal constructions" and "monumental figures" creates a surreal space. The quiet and solemn atmosphere and associations of heroism it provokes, convey a feeling of history and distance on his pencil drawings. The grotesque architectures and the cartoon-like characters are integrated a strangely harmonious way in the utopian scenes. Tang Hui was born in 1968 and now teaches at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. His works has been shown extensively such as in Shanghai Biennial and museums in Birmingham(UK) and Terni(Italy).

Ma Qiusha began producing works about architectures since early 2010. The using of mirror paper is related to Ma Qiusha's previous vedio practices, lighting from different angles, suggesting the flowing of day and night. In her works, the private emotions are flowing just like disclosure in the public nature of the architecture. Ma Qiusha was born in 1982, graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts and Alfred University in United States. In 2009 she held a solo exhibition in Beijing Commune, her works has participated the group exhibition "No Soul For Sell" at Tate Modern,and shown in Pace Beijing as well as UTS Gallery in Sydney.


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