Hu Xiaoxiao,Lu Yang,Pan Xiaorong,Hu Xiaoyuan,Zhao Yao,Ma Qiusha,Wang Guangle: SEVEN YOUNG ARTISTS

2010. 03. 20-05. 10

March 20, 2010, group exhibition “seven young artists” will be opened at Beijing Commune. Just as the title, all the artists in this show were born in the late 1970s or early 1980s. They are the members of the generation that grow up in time of social becomes materialized in China, enjoying better environment than their parents’, and also facing the problems brought out by materialization. In 2008, the flourishing art market didn’t avoid the hit of financial crisis, which has impacted many countries. For these young artists, who have just started their career, it offers an opportunity to get unprecedented experience. After an over confident expansion, what the contemporary art would be?


This exhibition includes installations, paintings, and videos. Instead of presetting theme on it, this show is trying to bring out the thinking and new possibilities about the contemporary through the works of these young artists. It probably could be a non-narrative and quiet show, different from others.


Beijing Commune is created by Leng Lin in 2004, who is an art critic and curator. It has been trying to set up a new model to push the development of contemporary art, a new space between the museum and the gallery.


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