: Toufu、Kungfu、Polit-Sheer-Form

2009. 08. 15-09. 08

We have had the world in our mind since our childhood, though at that time we had no idea about what the world is. When we were listening to the older generation telling the stories of the past or their own experience, we felt that we were unable to escape from that big world. We were supposed to take on the responsibility of saving the world since we were very young, and such imagination has been the source of our hope and power. When we have grown up, we came to know that the world is much more rich and interesting than we had imagined, and we seemed to have lived somewhere outside the world. Communication, participation, sharing and mutual encouragement/motivation have become the most exciting things, and the world is changing among all this. Sometimes we suddenly feel that you are living among us and we are living among you. We are feeling and perceiving each other in the progress, in which you are creating us and we are doing the same to you. For us, this is a new value system and new outlook on the world.

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