: Library

2008. 09. 28-00. 00

Commercial values have permeated our life as a measurement system or criteria in the contemporary society where economics is developing rapidly. When getting more and more egotistical, individuals are also becoming isolated in the market-driven society, and the connection between the individual and the collective is gradually losing. The Polit-Sheer-Form Office carries on their spirit in the installation “Library” on show at Beijing Commune, tring to deepen and refine the idea of “We Are Together”. For PSFO, “the collective” is a way to show that “we” is another form of “I” , and to awaken a more spiritual, artistical awareness that is dispearing. With “Library”, the five artists are presenting, with a collective creation, an awareness of “the collective” which is about “we”.


The five members of Polit-Sheer-Form Office are all mature artists working independently in the art scene. As a collective work , “Library” becomes a contrast of their individual work as artists and also another side of their art practice. “Library” is a work about the spiritually collective presented through a sheer form.

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