Yue Minjun: Looking for Terrorists

2006. 06. 03-07. 29

Terrorism has already become the current era's most pressing and important topic of discussion.  But in this exhibition “Looking for Terrorists,” Yue Minjun seemingly casually poses these relevant questions: What is Terrorism? What is it exactly that we are looking for? Are we looking for something that we ourselves have fabricated?  Is our fervor being poured into a cup lacking all but handles?

In this era of multiculturalism in which art is already "exhausted", is seems as if the search for modernism has been reignited.  At this moment, the artist Yue Minjun uses the idea of “searching” to oppose “the search.”  He uses the timely and sensitive topic of terrorism to approach these discussions.  In using colors and images borrowed from traditional Chinese folk art to illustrate terrorism, he creates an almost amusing and lighthearted dimension to the topic.  Through these means the artist plays down this issue of ubiquitous concern.  His use of terrorism is also acts as a placeholder for fervor surrounding contemporary art and its future development, suggesting that with respect to both ‘hot topics’ a shift in attitude is a good step forward.


In the exhibit, the artist’s entire work process is on display with his sketches and final products shown side by side.  Final results are also to be seen as part of an endless creative process.  In using this new method and perspective to blur these overexposed and perhaps even fabricated ideas and injecting a strain of humor and levity he establishes an original aesthetic approach.

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