Liang Yuanwei: One Object is presented on 2019 Changsha Art Biennale

2019. 12. 07-2020. 02. 06

Liang Yuanwei's solo exhibition "One Object" will open at Hunan Museum on Dec 7 during the 7th Changsha Biennale of Art. Taking "experience and strategy" as the theme, this art Changsha tentatively explores the profound dialogue between space-time in history and contemporary art.

Among them, Liang Yuanwei's solo exhibition "One Object" will present her oil paintings and watercolor works. In recent years, artist has spent in-depth study to reflect the painting experience of ancient Chinese paintings, statues and the early European Renaissance. On this basis, they have carried out rational decomposition, change and reorganization to build amazing new artistic life, which reveals the beauty of rigorous and delicate rationality in the blooming flowers.

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