2019 West Bund Art & Design

2019. 11. 07-2019. 11. 10

Richard Deacon's sculpture New Letter ABC will participate in the xiàn chǎng section of the 2019 West Bund Art & Design, which will be displayed in front of Dream Video in Hall A under the rotating stairs. As early as 2005, Richard Deacon completed a series of sketches of various shapes developed from polygonal slicing, with various contents. The artist discovered that he had completed a total of 26 drawings, so he collectively called them "Letters". Later, Richard Deacon used folded steel grooves to draw lines on the drawings, turning them into flat reliefs. The artist began to think about how to combine based on the shape and structure of folded metal and color. The folded metal combined will have a large enough bottom to support a sculpture standing in the space, and this sculpture will also contain the nature of a double-sided body.

At the same time, Hu Xiaoyuan and Ma Qiusha will also participate in the DREAM VIDEO section. In the West Bund Art Center Hall A and Poly Time, Hu Xiaoyuan will present Bang (2015), Ma Qiusha will present Hug (2011) and All  My Sharpness Comes From Your Hardness (2011).

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