Song Ta will attend New Museum 2018 Triennial Songs for Sabotage

2018. 02. 13-2018. 05. 27

 The triennial, titled 'Songs for Sabotage,' was co-curated by new gallery curator Gary Carrion-Murayari and Alex Gartenfeld, associate director and chief curator of the Institutefor Contemporary Art in Miami. "Songs of Destruction" aims to explore how individuals and communities around the world can effectively process images and cultures, and connect with the forces that make up our societies. What the artists in this triennial have in common is that their work reveals the systems that construct our reality, images and reality, encouraging the public to become actively involved in political and social structures. The artists are rooted in their particular contexts, critical, and embrace the internationalism that unites them -- all of which makes them more connected.

The New Museum was founded in 1977 by renowned curator Marcia Tucker and is located at Bowery235, New York. The museum is dedicated to introducing new art and new ideas by displaying the work of emerging international artists. From its inception until now, the new museum has taken it as its duty to challenge the rigid art gallery system, continuously bring new atmosphere to the art world, break through the elite system, and closely connect the museum with the public. Founded in 2009 by Massimiliano Gioni (the current director of the New Gallery), the triennial of the New Gallery has, over the past three years, become an important international exhibition dedicated to the practice of young artists around the world.