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In the year 1996, I came to know Leng Lin through Liu Tingting. That was the year when I first entered the hall of Chinese contemporary art. The exhibition, “Reality: Today and Tomorrow”, embraced me with unfamiliarity and confusion, which I can never forget. I was 27 years old then. I was born in a Chinese traditional intellectual family. My father is a film director; my mother is a playwright and an actress. I grew up under the influence of mainstream culture and Chinese traditional arts. Monet and Cézanne had always been my only artistic standard. That year, however, I was completely subverted. Contemporary art to me was a stranger - what do they (contemporary artists) want to express? I failed to find any answers from the absurd images. Traditional art gives us visual sensation and pleasure - look at Cézanne’s scenery and Monet’s Water Lilies. But this exhibition is a monster!

7 years later, in the year 2003, I walked into the world of Chinese contemporary art through a friend. This time, Chinese contemporary art amazed me by revealing to me a philosophy, an attitude, a new technique; it also introduced to me a new format for scenery and landscape paintings. Chinese contemporary art provided us with a new image and new way to look at art. These have greatly impressed me - With their works, contemporary artists introduced to me the meditation on art objects. It was a kind of visual meditation that was superb with power. These artists made me understand that I was capable of innovating at all times; they led me to the exploration of new artistic languages.

I have started my career of collecting Chinese contemporary artworks in recent years, since then, I have enjoyed collecting contemporary art. Collecting art has become my way of life. I like to think of it as “the travel and adventure of the soul”. Yet this is only a start, I look forward to the uncountable surprises that the future brings.