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Zhang Xiaogang Solo Exhibition in Queensland Gallery of Modern Art

Zhang Xiaogang: Shadows in the Soul

Exhibition Dates: March 28— June 28, 2009

Venue: Queensland Gallery of Modern Art

Standley Place South Bank Brisbane Queensland


Queensland Gallery of Mordern Art has the biggest exhibition space for modern art in Australia. As part of the China Project, this exhibition is co-curated by Suhanya Raffel, head of Asian, Pacific and International Art at Queensland Art Gallery, as well as Leng Lin, curator and founder of Beijing Commune. The exhibition not only includes the artist’s newest art works, but it also streches over art works of various materials, styles, and from three different time periods of Zhang’s artistic development. However, this is not a mere retrospection on Zhang’s previous art works. The comparison and collision of his recent and past art works in this exhibition emphasize on the examination of a deeper connection shared among Zhang’s art works, as well as on the discovery of the many layers and perspectives of his art creation.

The hitorical vestiges left in one’s memory and soul, and all kinds of connections between history and the present are themes consistently appearing throughout Zhang’s different series. Zhang studied at Sichuan Academy of Art and was involved in the unconventional Southwest movement, then he began explorations with topics such as life, death and one’s innermost being. Zhang turned his surrealistic art works of the time into a personal language during “Ghost” series period. During his “dreamlike” period, the artist was bold and unrestrained, and his art works were mysterious and expressionistic. Further into his mature stage, Zhang’s “Bloodline” series revealed a dreamy transcendental style. And in 2008, the artist presented his new painting series “Green Wall”, photography series “Description”, as well as works of sculptures. With a unique visual perspective, the exhibition juxtaposes new and older works next to each other, which sheds new light on the relationships between Zhang’s art works with themes such as “past”, “memory” and “history”, and his persistent ability to sculpt “humanity” in his art works.