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Regular·Fragile-Starlight: Liu Jianhua's work in "Dior and Chinese Artists"at UCCA

Liu Jianhua’s work “Daily/Fragile: Starlight” is shown in “Dior and Chinese Artists” in UCCA starting from November 16, 2008. This highly innovative exhibition creates a dialogue between two continents and two different means of expression: contemporary art and fashion. More than 20 specially commissioned artworks are presented alongside the Dior designs which inspired them, as well as emblematic objects from the house's perfumes and accessories. Liu’s “Daily/ Fragile: Starlight” was inspired by the word “Dior” which is said to be the combination of “Gold” and “God” in French. Like many of his works, this piece is also made of porcelain. Behind the array of white shoes, handbags and perfume bottles, sparkle the gilded porcelain letters in which the four letters making up “Dior” are hidden.

Liu has worked with porcelain since the 1990s, and starting from 2000, he has become especially interested in blue and white porcelain. The “Daily/Fragile” series was selected for the Chinese Pavilion in the 50th Venice Biennale in 2003, and was shown in Pompidou Center in 2003. “Affluence has come to an extent of superabundance everywhere in our life. ‘Purity’ and ‘simplicity’ seem to have faded away from people’s horizon. My works with blue and white porcelain are all made from the cast of daily objects, which people are familiar with in their life. When putting in a different environment or space in a different way, they provoke different feelings in the viewers: joy, sorrow, excitement, fantasy, privacy, and fear, etc,” said Liu Jianhua.

In June 2008, Liu Jianhua showed the “Untitled” series, his new works of blue and white porcelain, in his solo exhibition in Beijing Commune. These works, with their simple style, demonstrate the artist’s determination against content, against correlations, and against social interventions. It is a gesture of resisting the political and social intrusion into art, and a strong reaction to the aesthetic fatigue in contemporary society as well.