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Song Ta at Asian Culture Complex & Sharjah Art Foundation

The Time is Out of Joint is a project curated by Tarek Abou El Fetouh and commissioned by Asian Culture Complex - Asian Arts Theatre and Sharjah Art Foundation.Song Ta's work Named to my Papa Mama is showing in the exhibition. 


Building on Andalusian philosopher IbnArabi's concept of time as a fluid place and place as a frozen time, the project examines our current and future locations and conditions. It confuses different times, places, cities and artistic events that took place in the past or will take time in the future. The Time is Out of Joint reenacts two key exhibitions that took place at transitional moments in history and completes them with a look into the future. It summons 'the first Arab Artist Biennial' in Baghdad in 1974, and 'China Avant-garde Exhibition' in Beijing in 1989 and the future JogjaEquater Conference in 2022. With major shifts happening in different parts of the world, sometimes as large as the collapse of states, or colonial maps being redrawn, the project questions constraints of time and place by suggesting leaps among those different places and times and examines the complicity between politics and art. It proposes these three events to serve as backdrops to contemporary art works.


The project invites the audience to engage with three platforms; an exhibition, which includes video works, installations and photography; a reading room with a discursive programme that hosts performances, artist talks, and an archive; and a one day conference titled Jogja Equator Conference 2022.


The exhibition will feature works by Zeinab Al Hashemi, BasmaAlsharif, HichamBenohoud, Ali Cherri, Venzha Christ, Cao Fei, Tzu-Nyen Ho, Meiro Koizumi, MahaMaamoun, BasimMagdy, RadouanMriziga, Khalil Rabah, KyoheiSakaguchi, Tita Salina, WaelShawky, KonradSmoleński, Song Ta, Jalal Toufic, Mark Teh, Aleksandra Waliszewska and RaedYassin.