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Lu Yang selected for 2013-2014 Animamix Biennale.

Animamix Biennale 2013-2014 Rediscovery
Exhibition Period: 2014.4.12-6.15

Location: MOCA Shanghai (Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai)
Chief Curator: KIM Sunhee (Director of Daegu Art Museum)


Participating Artists:
BAE Jongheon, David BLANDY, HAN Sungpil, HSU Cheyu, Alan KWAN, Danny LEE, LI Qingyue, LU Yang, SUN Xun, TSAI Shiucheng, WANG Xin, YANG Chihhao, Viki Lulu House (Victoria LU, Rick JUANG, Joe LEE, CHEN Youcheng, LaLa WANG, PaoPao, Dongxu SUN, CHEN Hongzhu, HAN Yajuan, XU Qin, Nathaniel LORD)

Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai has dedicated to constructing a bridge that connects different artistic fields and accumulating and supporting creative artists. After famous curator Victoria Lu advanced the concept of “Animamix”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai has a tight connection with this new aesthetic theory---“youth, diversity, innovation and cross-boundary”. The concept of “Animamix Biennale” came into existence just after the rise of “Animamix”. Different from traditional Biennale, “Animamix Biennial” refers to that several artistic institutions hold exhibitions related to Animation and Comics at the same time or in succession so as to construct an exhibition network and accumulate the new force of modern Animation and Comics. In 2007, we hosted first Animamix Biennale, then more and more artists, arts institutions and people who love Animamix have joined in Animamix Biennale. Now we are very honored that we can work with the other 5 Asian artistic institutions to organize this Animamix Biennale--- Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Daegu Art Museum in Korea, Academy of Arts & Design Tsinghua University, Hong Kong Visual Arts Center (with the support and participation of Oi! and City University of Hong Kong), Macao Museum of Art and Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai.


We put forward the idea of “Animamix Biennale” and planed related exhibitions. She also creatively defined it as cross-boundary and colorful visual arts experience. Based on the definition, Director Sunhee Kim of Daegu Art Museum, chief curator of this Animamix Biennale, brings the exhibition into a new level which focuses more on the realm of spirit----“Drama Within” --- make Animamix go beyond the limitation of language, country, region and age and become a bond between true life and dreamland, reality and imagination. As the last stop of this Animamix Biennale, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai persists and intensifies the theme of this Biennale. The in-house curator Wang Weiwei of Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai names it as “Rediscovery” and has invited more than 10 artists from Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and the U.K. The exhibition in Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai not only tries to trace down the ancient oriental civilization via Animamix, but also adopted different ways to express the artists themselves. Does not focus on traditional animation, comics and cartoon images, but tries to lead audience into an animation wonderland and inspire them to retrospect and reflect history, civilization, belief, time, reality, and fiction and so on.


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