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Beijing Commune is honored to announce the opening of Ma Qiusha’s solo show “Static Electricity” on March 8th, 2012. The exhibition will present Ma Qiusha’s latest installation, video works and watercolor on paper.


Static electricity is one of the most common physical phenomenon in everyday life, it comes from the "bright flash" of the friction between objects. The works shown in this exhibition reach topics and memories from everyday experiences; compared to abstract concept and theories, Ma Qiusha believes more what she has experienced in real life.


The three-channel video Red/White/Yellow respectively records the process of three ice “bricks” from solid into liquid. The five-minutes-work is an enrichment of 12 hours shooting. The three pieces of ice bricks are made of frozen blood, urine and milk, which are all body generated fluid and are abstracted into rectangle forms. The outer layer of the film suggests a state of always being wrapped, and during the process of ice bricks melt, the existence of film becomes more and more clear.


The single-channel video Token was shot in the night: the internal organs emitting hot air were thrown from nowhere, with the noise of the unknown cat in an excited and amplified snore of distortion effect. The fresh visceral organs seemed to live but actually were just evidence of death.


To S is composed of four ice tanks with tidy shelved cucumbers, eggplants, carrots and yams; the above sticks as good quality and low price vegetables are for four seasons, and relatively easy to store. Ma Qiusha took a root vegetable from each group as standard body, then according to its length to cut the same head to tail with other vegetables, and finally made all four groups of neat and tidy visual effect in line with norms. In this way, MaQiuSha simulated an easily realized order.


Paper work Fog originates from Ma Qiusha childhood memory of "window", she titled gauze with different patterns on water paper, kept brushing "dark night" over and finally took off the gauze.


Ma Qiusha was born in 1982 in Beijing, China, and graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts(BA) and the Alfred University(MFA); now she lives and works in Beijing. Since 2002, Ma Qiusha’s works have been shown in the domestic and international contemporary art exhibitions, video fairs and film festivals. In 2009, she had her solo exhibition in Beijing Commune and received widespread attention. Her works were also exhibited in Tate Modern in London (2010), and the important group shows such as “Soft Machines”(2011) at The Pace Gallery in New York, "Move on Asia 2010" at Loop Gallery in South Korea, etc.