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Six Types of Airplanes Ascending Into the Clouds

On the Homeland's River


The Driving Force of Industry

The Yangtze River of Ten Thousand Li

Victory Over Years of Drought

Under the Leadership of the Working Class, the New Beijing U...

Chengzhuang Agriculture Labour School

Organizing a Study Class is a Good Method

Serving the People without Limits

Country and City Markets Prosper

Brand-New Working Agenda

Discussing Traffic in the Mountain City

Bejing Television University

Our Profession

Our Family's Life is Better Every Day

Peasant Science Worker

Taiyang: Model Sanitary Village

The Sun comes to the Kucong People

Village Communal Canteen is Ever-improving

Red Flag over the Prairie

Kashgar - Ancient Uighur City

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Founding of the Coun...

Electric Irrigation at Taihu Lake

Locomotive Production

Cultivating Musical Talent Among Children

News from the Pastures

Clean Village

Teahouse in Canton

Agricultural Collectivization in Zhongshan County

The Earthquake Team at the Gobi Desert

Culture Park

Victory Over Winter

August 27 th ,1945 Mao Zedong sitting on the plain on the wa...

Nie Rongzhen and Lin Biao at giving instructions for the bat...

November 1946 Zhu De at the celebration of his 60 th birthda...

Yaer 1955 Chairman Mao speaking to the guards regiment

Year 1940 Zhou Enlai coming back from the Comintern

Year 1974 Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping

Mao Zedong and Zhu De

Year 1966 Chairman Mao reviewing the Red Guards

February 1936 The Comrades Deng Xiaoping, Nie Rongzhen, Xu H...

March 1949 Chairman Mao at the Xiyuan Airport in Beijing

Year 1956 Chairman Mao inspecting a factory

Year 1944 Mao Ze Dong at the drill ground in Yan'an

Year 1958 Chairman Mao at the 2 nd meeting of the Central Co...

Year 1939 Chairman Mao giving a speech in Yan'an on the 3 rd...

Year 1938 Chairman Mao writing “On Protracted War” at the Ca...

October 1 st 1949 Chairman Mao on the Tian An Men Gate

April 1959 at the 2 nd meeting od the People's Assembly

February 19 th 1953 Chairman Mao on a Navy warship

Year 1946 the people of Yan'an offering a silk banner to Cha...

April 24 th 1945 Mao Zedong making a report on the “Coalitio...

Lu Xun: I Sit in Xiamen's Grave

Assembly to vent one's grievances

Reduction of rent for land and reduction of interests on loa...

November 1944 Chairman Mao reviewing the 359 Brigade of the ...

February 17 th 1933 welcoming the English writer George Bern...

October 4 th , 1927 Lu Xun in Shanghai

Year 1936 Chairman Mao in Northern Shaanxi

Year 1936 Chairman Mao in Northern Shaanxi

At the University of the Red Army

April 1945 at the Seventh Meeting of the China Communist Par...

Year 1943 Chairman Mao in Yan'an

December 1936 Zhou Enlai coming back to Yan'an from Xi'an

November 14 th ,1964 Premier Zhou coming back to Beijing fro...

Year 1959 Chairman Mao inspecting Anhui

Year 1933 Mao Zedong visiting the poor peasants delegates as...

July 1965 Premier Zhou in Xinjiang Shihezi

Year 1959 Chairman Mao with friends from Africa , Asia and L...

Year 1947 President Mao fighting in one place after another ...

October 1 st 1949 the National Foundation Ceremony

Throwing a limited life into the limitless service to the pe...

October 1935 Zhou Enlai Long March arriving to Northern Shaa...

Yaer 1961 Premier Zhou coming back from Moscow

The Long March arrives in Northern Shaanxi

Lei Feng learning to shoot

Spring 1940 Mao Zedong with Comrade Li Fuchun

October 1938 Yan'an Airport

Lei Feng loves any job he is doing

The common Soldier Lei Feng

The Great Fighter of Communism

1956 Chairman Mao and the Shepherd

1956 Chairman Mao and the Shepherd

May 1958 Mao Zedong taking part into the volunteer labour at...

1952 The First Sport Meeting of the National Army

November 1943 Mao Zedong and Chen Yun, Lin Boqu

1927, January 2 nd , Luxun in Xiamen Nan Pu Tuo and A Group ...

December 1950, Mao Zedong with Stalin

Taking the son to join the Army

The strength's source of the people war

September 9 th 1976, at 0.10 minutes

September 9 th 1976, at 0.10 minutes

Group Photo of Guards in Northern Shaanxi, 1937

1910 Lu Xun at the sickroom of Jiang Yizhi in Tokyo

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