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Shang Yixin
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Glance: Shang Yixin——《Randian》

In his previous works, Shang Yixin often created ephemeral sculptures, wherein moving light cast over objects created instances of roving abstract shadows and a compelling visual relationship between darkened and illuminated surfaces. This use of light to articulate and animate form was a path he might have pursued further. Since 2011, however, the artist has been making work that joins the recent movement towards abstract paintings that look as if done by a machine. Multiple layers of paint have been sprayed over a regular square stencil to create intense patterns. Slight cross-shaped variations in the geometric field generate a sensation of sight rushing inwards or of something coming out from the canvas. The works on show at Beijing Commune now—the artist’s first appearance there and his first exhibition of a number of these paintings—present an unwavering purpose and hours of systematic input. Here is control—of form and color (all the paintings use a palette, graduated by the layers, of black and white or a mustard-brown). Their collective impression is of rational tightness brought about by the elimination of chance—these works reach, visually, for the abstract truth of pure mathematics. In sum, this (incidentally, sold-out) solo exhibition delivers a forceful impression—both visually and about the alertness of young artists to works that “work”.



Text by Iona Whittaker,Translated by: 梁舒涵