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Born in Wen Zhou, China


Oil Painting Department, China Academy of Art

Currently lives and works in Hang Zhou


Solo Exhibitions

2016 [一一],Beijing Commune, Beijing, China

2013 [Shang Yixin], Beijing Commune, Beijing, China

2007 [Cancels? Restarts?], Red Bridge Gallery, Shanghai, China


Group Exhibitions

2015 [28°00′N 120°42′E], How Art Museum, Wenzhou, China

2015 [28 Chinese], Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA, U.S

2014[New Generation of Abstract Art], Si Shang Art Museum, Beijing, China

2013 [28 Chinese], Rubell Family Collection and Contemporary Arts Foundation, Miami, U.S.A

2013 [Orawing expression and limit], Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, China

2013 [ON |OFF: China's Young Artists in Concept and Practice], The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China


2012 [Fictional Recoveries], Pearl Lam Gallery, Shanghai, China

2012 [CAFAM·Future], the Art Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

2012 [Merging·Distances in light], L-Art Gallery, Chengdu, China

2012 [Light Bending Onto the Retina], 18 Gallery, Shanghai, China

2012 [Negative Space], White space, Beijing, China


2011 [Art Nova 100], Beijing, Shanghai, China

2011 [Nothing White], J Gallery, Shanghai, China

2011 [Paint Beyond the Frame], FEIZI Gallery, Shanghai, China

2011 [Echo: Mind-in-Hands], PIFO Gallery, Beijing, China

2011 [Micro Life], Soka Art Center, Beijing, China

2011 [That's it?], Ecube Contemporary Art Space, Hangzhou, China

2011 [Painting Lesson I: Illusion or Delusion], Gallery Yang, Beijing, China

2011 [The Pictures of the City], The Gallery of China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China


2010 [Optical Via Invisibility], Inshine Gallery, Beijing, China

2010 [Boundary of Time-Group Exhibition by Li Kezheng and Shang Yixin], XI Concept, Beijing, China

2010 [Hands On No.3-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder], DDM Ware House, Shanghai, China

2010 [In the Garden: Contemporary Art Exhibition], Shiwudong Garden, Hangzhou, China

2010 [Invisible Wings], Times Art Museum, Beijing, China

2010 [The Youths Upstairs], Times Art Museum, Beijing, China

2010 [Free Terminology], A4 Gallery, Chengdu, China


2009 [Points&Crosses], 2010 Arts Centre, Shanghai, China

2009 [Blank3: Making life], Medium Art Centre, Beijing, China

2009 [Green Contemporary Art Exhibition], Beijing, China

2009 [Poetic Daily-Art Beijing 2009 Thematic Exhibition], Beijing, China

2009 [Blade: Reconstruct Leifeng Pagoda], SZ Art Center, Beijing, China

2009 [Quiet an Exhibition, a multi-media group exhibition], 55 Gallery, Shanghai, China


2008 [My Own Way-Recommended Young Artists Exhibition], SZ Art Center, Beijing, China

2008 [Here Comes Spring], Red Bridge Gallery H&H Space, Shanghai, China

2008 [Seven Adamants], Hangzhou, China


2007 [New Interface 3: Searching the future], Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai, China


2006 [New Interface landing of Up Generation Exhibition], Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2006 [Lian Cheng Jue vision creativity in urban city], Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China